OPPO wants to give you a free folding phone

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is imminent – and you can have one forever for free

Oppo Find N2 Flip
(Image credit: OPPO)

The best folding phones are brilliant things, but they're also quite expensive. Wouldn't it be great if the manufacturers would just give you one for free? That's exactly what OPPO is offering. 

If you fancy getting your hands on the OPPO Find N2 Flip for free, the firm is looking for brand ambassadors.

There's no catch, but there are some criteria. First of all, you have to be over 18. Secondly, you have to get your application in by the 10th of March. And thirdly, you have to be the kind of person OPPO wants to give a free phone to. Which probably rules me out.

How do I get a free OPPO Find N2 Flip?

You can sign up at oppo.com, and you can also take part in a "Flip the pose" campaign that might make you more appealing to the selectors. It's your classic social media campaign: use the hashtag, do something exciting, make sure your story is suitably inspirational so OPPO will want to use you in their marketing.

If like me your main talent is sitting on the sofa eating Wotsits, you're probably not what the firm is looking for. The site shows details of other brand ambassadors, and you'll see that they tend to be photographers, video makers and other content creators. And if your social media is full of sweary rants, you might want to zap them: part of the application process involves checking out your socials. 

But if you're chosen, hey! Free flip phone!

You're probably wondering what you'll have to do if you are indeed chosen, and OPPO explains that too. Your role will be to "create astonishing and inspirational content" and "share pioneering ideas and experiences" and you'll take part in various marketing events.

Carrie Marshall

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