Oppo Find X returning to global markets – great news for fans of photography

Confirms that its Find X series of smartphones will be released globally in the future

Oppo Find X7 Ultra
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The Oppo Find X series of smartphones will be released globally in future, after the current model – the Oppo Find X7 Ultra – is restricted to China.

The Oppo Reno 12 series phones are also getting a universal release, as of later this month.

Oppo has announced that its ready to re-enter the global stage with its flagship smartphones, although it might come a little late to include the excellent Oppo Find X7 Ultra.

Sporting what is arguably the best camera on a smartphone today (as we recently found out during the Champions League final), it seems a shame that the handset is currently limited to China. However, its successor is destined for a more global release.

During an event in London this week, Oppo confirmed that it has plans to reintroduce the Find X series to markets outside of its homeland.

When that might be is up in the air right now, although the Find X7 Ultra launched in China in January, so you can likely expect its replacement around the same time. If we were to bet on it, the likely Oppo Find X8 series will reach Europe around February next year – in time for Mobile World Congress 2025.

A Chinese release will probably take place a touch sooner, as is traditional with many of the country's smartphone brands.

It's a shame that it won't include the Find X7 Ultra itself. From our experience with the handset, we suspect it could have proved one of the best phones available today, certainly one of the best Android phones.

However, if you're really hankering for an Oppo handset, you can always check out the the Reno 12 or Reno 12 Pro. It is claimed that series will be first to roll out to other countries – as soon this month, in fact.

Alternatively, also look out for the OnePlus 13. The forthcoming flagship from Oppo's sister brand is tipped to include a similar Hasselblad-approved camera unit to the Find X7 Ultra.

Rumours suggest that it'll carry three 50-megapixel sensors and give you the same sort of pro-style controls for better photography. And, as it could be coming in October, that isn't really that long to wait.

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