OnePlus Nord secret weapon spells bad news for the Google Pixel 4a

OnePlus reveals more details on the Nord's cameras and it spells trouble for iPhone SE and Pixel 4a rivals

OnePlus Nord
(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus is unveiling the first in its line of affordable handsets with flagship features next week with the OnePlus Nord - a sub-$500 smartphone that will see the company return to its roots by offering the tech people want in their devices for a price that isn't going to burn a hole in their wallet.

The Nord is still mostly under wraps, although there have been some leaks cluing us in as to what we can expect on the specs-front, and even OnePlus execs have been dropping hints to get fans excited for the upcoming phone - a smart move considering that limited pre-orders have been opening up before the Nord has even made its debut. 

This latest titbit comes straight from OnePlus itself and is certain to make those of you who have pre-ordered very happy.

Over on the OnePlus Nord Instagram account the company has been posting episodes of its four-part docuseries as well as snippets about the upcoming smartphone, and the latest one's a doozy. 

The OnePlus Nord will feature a 105-degree ultrawide selfie camera, that does away with the need for cringey selfie sticks by capturing more of what's going on in front of it - whether that's a scenic view, or a group of rowdy friends. 

Carl Pei, the Assistant Head of OnePlus Nord, has said that the Nord will be packing a "a flagship-level camera...[that] consumers are going to be really excited by," so we know the camera is high up on the list of features for the device.

Android Central reports that the OnePlus Nord will be sporting a 32MP + 8MP setup on the front, so it's going to give the iPhone SE a run for its money, as well as the upcoming Pixel 4a.   

OnePlus also confirmed that the Nord will house a Snapdragon 765G chipset, and will feature an AMOLED 90Hz display. On the unconfirmed side of things, the Nord is said to have a 64MP + 16MP +2MP rear-camera setup, and 4,300 mAh battery.  

There are rumours of a second, cheaper Nord handset in the works, which the company hasn't confirmed, but it has broken the news that the Nord launch will be accompanied by OnePlus' first pair of truly wreless earbuds with the OnePlus Buds.

We're less than a week away from the OnePlus Nord debut now, so we'll be getting the official rundown of the specs before we know it. 

Source: Android Central

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