OnePlus leak reveals new Galaxy Watch 5, Pixel Watch and Apple Watch 8 rival

OnePlus's next smartwatch could be a serious contender for Apple, Google and Samsung

OnePlus Watch shown on black leather surface
(Image credit: Future)

We were impressed by the OnePlus Watch (pictured above), calling it "a stylish and affordable Apple Watch alternative" and "a great first attempt at a flagship killer," which is what OnePlus is known for in the mobile phone market. And it looks like a new flagship killer is coming, this time aimed squarely at the Apple Watch Series 8, Google Pixel Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

The latest leaks come from the well-connected 91mobiles, who have got their hands on spec details and renders for the new smartwatch. According to their information, the Nord Watch is almost ready to ship in blue and black versions with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, up to 10 days of battery life, and the N Health app. Where the OnePlus Watch was circular, the OnePlus Nord Watch has a square dial with a button on the side, rather like a particular Apple product.

OnePlus Nord Watch

The leaked renders of the OnePlus Nord Watch showing the new square design.

(Image credit: 91mobiles)

Apple Watch style for less money

It really looks like an Apple Watch, albeit with more prominent strap mounts, but it's going to be compatible with Android as well as iOS and will have 105 fitness modes; oxygen saturation monitoring; heart rate, stress, and women's health tracking; and Bluetooth 5.2.

Personally, I think it's a shame that it appears to be dropping the design of the OnePlus Watch, which to my eyes is one of the better-looking smartwatch designs out there; having a watch that looks almost but not quite like a more expensive rival isn't something that'll fill me with joy every time I look at it. But then I'm not the target here: the Nord Watch is aimed at people who want features without paying Apple prices, and as the OnePlus Watch is $159 / £149 (around AU$235) we're clearly not talking Apple Watch Ultra prices here.

The OnePlus Nord Watch is expected to launch imminently in India, with a European launch happening soon.

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