OnePlus 10 Pro unboxing video: T3 reveals what you get

Everything you get in the box when you buy the OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro
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The OnePlus 10 Pro has officially landed and unsurprisingly it's one of the best phones of 2022. But unlike previous generations, it seems to be here alone, there's no news yet of a cheaper OnePlus 10.

Competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple, OnePlus is a big name smartphone brand that consistently releases fantastic flagship handsets with killer cameras, reliable performance and top-tier displays. 

Last year's OnePlus 9 Pro was rated a whopping five stars in its T3 review, and it's safe to say it was one of the best Android phones at the time. It continues to be a popular choice even now. 

Because of that, I was looking forwards to finding out what OnePlus had in store for us next and I wasn't disappointed. I managed to take an early look at the phone, the experience starts when you first open up the packaging. 

Unlike with some other smartphones, you still get everything you need included in the box. You won't need to buy the charging brick or a protective case separately which already makes this feel like a better deal than what you get elsewhere. 

To read about what I thought when I tested it out, take a look at the OnePlus 10 Pro review. But first, check out the video below to see T3's official unboxing video.

OnePlus 10 Pro unboxing video 

You'll be able to buy the OnePlus 10 Pro in just two colours: Volcanic Black or Emerald Forest. Which you go for will largely depend on what you need from the phone itself, the black model comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, while the green packs 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. 

Available to pre-order right now, prices start from £799 in the UK and $XX in the US. Take a look below to find out where you can pick one up. 

Pre-order your OnePlus 10 Pro from the OnePlus Store [US]

Pre-order your OnePlus 10 Pro from the OnePlus Store [UK]

Just can't wait? Take a look at the best deals on last year's OnePlus 9 Pro in the widget below. 

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