One resistance band, 15 minutes and these six exercises for a stronger back and arms

Quick, efficient and minimal equipment needed

Man doing resistance band workout in living room
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We love a resistance band workout here at T3. Why? Because not only is this simple piece of equipment ideal for helping you gain lean muscle and building strength, but the best resistance bands are also cheap and easy to store — they're the perfect piece of home gym equipment. If you’re pressed for time, but are after a speedy upper body session, then this 15-minute banded workout will do nicely.

You’ll also be pleased to know that research has shown that resistance bands are just as effective as using a pair of dumbbells when it comes to strength training. But, they offer lots of other benefits too. According to fitness brand, MiraFit, resistance bands can be used to improve joint mobility, rehabilitation exercises and incorporated into weight training to make it more challenging. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to master a pull-up, a resistance band is a key piece of equipment to help you.

For this workout you’ve got five banded exercises and one bodyweight one for good measure. Quite a few of these are performed on the floor, so make sure you have something comfortable underneath you, like an exercise mat. The type of resistance band you’re going to want is a long pull-up resistance band or loop resistance bands with handles. Avoid the small ‘booty’ type bands, as they just won't work. Here’s your workout:

  • Neutral press
  • Single arm shoulder press
  • Zottman curl
  • Supinated (palms facing up) reverse fly
  • Overhead march
  • Push-ups (if you can't do these, do them against a chair or wall)

We also have a resistance band leg workout for building lower body strength and muscle, or if you're really pushed for time and want to target everything at once try this fast full-body band session instead. If you want to learn more about the best exercises to do with your resistance band for building muscle and strength, an expert ahs shared the best strength training exercises you can do at home.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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