One of my favourite podcasting microphones is now over 30% cheaper

Blue's Yeti USB Microphone is a must-have for podcasters and content creators alike – and now it's only $90!

Blue Yeti X
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I own a Blue Yeti microphone, and if you're interested in streaming, podcasting, or content creation in general, you should get one, too. Podcasts are fun to make and require very little equipment; you'll only need a working laptop and a decent podcasting microphone. And you can't get a better USB mic than the Blue Yeti, which is now cheaper at Amazon for a limited time only.

Even if you're a newbie content creator, you must have come across the brand Blue and heard of its most popular product, the Yeti. This fabulous microphone is famous for being the number one choice for podcasters and streamers, mainly because it A) looks good, B) sounds even better, and C) is easy to use. At this price point, it would be an absolute crime not to get one!

Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone: was $140, now $89.99 at Amazon

Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone: was $140, now $89.99 at Amazon
The Yeti is the gold standard for podcasting microphones. The custom three-capsule array produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for videos, streaming, podcasting, and more. The four pickup patterns allow you to record any sound the way you want. Now $50 off at Amazon for a limited time only!

Not only do I have a Yeti, but I also spoke to Gabe Whyel, Blue's Head of Product Marketing, and asked what he thinks are the most common Blue Yeti mistakes and, most importantly, how to avoid these. During our chat, Gabe shared several excellent tips, most of which can be helpful when using any podcasting mics, not just Blue Yetis. Most importantly, check out the mic at Amazon and consider investing in this incredible piece of tech.

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