Omate’s standalone Android smartwatch available to pre-order

Omate’s TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 doesn’t pair to another phone – it is the phone

We've seen the smartwatch revolution suffer from phone-connectivity issues – but Omate's TrueSmart runs independently unlike anything else on the market

We previously reported that Omate TrueSmart hit its crowd-funding target of $100,000 via fundraising website Kickstarter – now it seems their smartwatch is complete and available to pre-order.

Omate aim to eradicate issues that consumers are finding with other smartwatches i.e. when the watch "goes dark" if it untethers from the phone; the watch can only handle a small subset of notifications from the phone's apps; the watch only works with iPhones or Android phones; and so on.

Omate's TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 however is essentially a shrunken down Android phone strapped to your wrist with the ability to run independently from other smart devices.

The TrueSmart boasts impressive features including phone call capabilities, 720p video-capturing, 5-megapixel camera, full Android 4.2.2 (soon to be upgraded to 4.3) along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The watch costs a reasonable (for smartwatches) $249 or $299 -- one with 4GB of storage, one with 8GB.

TrueSmart's metal body lends it a solid, reasonably attractive, but very thick and dense appearance, no bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Other wearables like Google Glass could potentially pair with it to make a truly wearable full-body experience, a use case mentioned on TrueSmart's Kickstarter page.

The Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 is available to pre-order at

Nathan George

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