Official Nintendo document reveals cryptic "Nintendo Switch Do"

A new trademark has been filed by the Big N for "Nintendo Switch Do"

Nintendo Switch Do
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Only one week after the Nintendo Switch Lite broke cover, and mere days after a new more powerful version of the full fat Switch was spotted, comes news that the Big N has quietly trademarked the name "Nintendo Switch Do".

The name, which was filed as a trademark by Nintendo Co Ltd with the ILPO (The Israel Patent Office) on July 8, 2019, has since been approved and published on 16 July. The document was then spotted by eagle eyed tech site LetsGoDigital, who proceeded to report on the discovery.

It's not immediately clear what the name refers to due to the classification of request, which only needs to contain a wide-ranging description, one that includes passages such as "games, portable games with LCD screen, handheld games, entertainment services, (downloadable) electronic game programs", so it is unclear if Nintendo Switch Do is a product, accessory or service.

LetsGoDigital note that the name may refer to a corresponding game service for the new Nintendo Switch Lite, or that it may in fact, based on the location of trademark filing in Israel, be something for the Big N's physical store in Tel Aviv, with an "experience zone" mooted.

And, while rumours of a new, super-powerful Nintendo Switch Pro console keep surfacing online, here at T3 we think we are more likely to lean more towards LetsGoDigital's interpretations of what Nintendo Switch Do is due to be, rather than a new console.

Regardless, the trademark shows Nintendo's continued commitment to the Switch brand, which can only be good news for gamers, because as we note in our max score 5-star Nintendo Switch review, the platform "delivers a truly unique gaming experience, both in terms of its play at home and on the go hardware, and in terms of its exclusive, top-tier games."

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