Official Fallout Xbox controllers are a thing of beauty – I need one

Pip Boy gets a serious glow-up

Xbox Fallout Controller
(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox has revealed a new Fallout themed controller just in time for the new TV show. The Pip By design is a thing of beauty and available at the Xbox design lab. 

If you weren't hyped enough already about the upcoming Fallout TV series, Microsoft has just released a new controller based on the iconic gaming franchise that has me itching to go fight a Deathclaw. 

In the Fallout games, you always have a proto smartwatch-type device called a Pip-Boy that manages your inventory and customises your character with new perks and abilities. Each one usually comes with an adorable illustration of the game's mascot, the titular Pip Boy, doing something silly and this new controller is covered in them. 

It's a veritable Where's Wally of Pip Boy and you can see the character getting up to all sorts of shenanigans on both the front and back of the controller. The black-and-white style gives it the look of a newspaper cartoon and I'm all in. 

Xbox Fallout controllers

(Image credit: Xbox)

What makes it even better is that the controller, available now via Xbox's Design Lab is completely customisable too. You can opt for rubberised grips, and even your own colour scheme for the bumpers, sticks, d-pad and face buttons. If you want to keep your companions' hands off then you can even get it engraved too.

Of course, Xbox controllers aren't just for those with an Xbox Series X. They are also great for PC gaming, particularly for Xbox Game Pass where you need a controller to stream Xbox games from the cloud. All of the Fallout games are available on Game Pass, from the original to Fallout 76, as well as Starfield, a game that has been described by many as 'Fallout in space.' 

The open world series has millions of fans and now you can finally explore it in style with the brand new controller, now just hurry up and give us a new Fallout game please Bethesda! The show launches on Prime Video on April 12th. 

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