O2 now selling refurbished tablets at discounted prices

Bag a bargain! At least £50 less than RRP

Been shopping around for a new tablet? Well good news folks, O2 has started selling refurbished slates at cut-price rates.

Before you splurge a wad of hard-earned cash on a brand spanking new iPad or Android tablet, why not head down to O2 and grab yourself a deal.

The phone network announced yesterday that it's kicking off a new refurbished tablet arm, building on its existing refurbished phone business.

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O2 is selling a large range of Wi-Fi tablets for at least £50 less than their original retail prices. Plus if you want on-the-go internet, then you can pick up a refurbished pay-monthly tablet a minimum of £2 per month less than brand new equivalents.

Fear not though, these tablets aren't on their last legs. The refurbished stock is taken from devices that have been returned to O2 within the initial 14 days of purchase. The tablets have been restored to their original condition and thoroughly tested to ensure they're as good as brand new.

As of right now, the range of refurbished tablets on offer includes Apple's iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

O2 will also expand the range to include tablets from Sony, Dell and Acer over the “coming weeks.”

Another bonus is all the refurbished tablets come with the same returns policy as normal O2 products. That includes a 12 month warranty for Apple tablets and 24 months for Android tablets.