Nuki launches its smartest locks yet with Matter support

Nuki introduces its fourth generation of smart locks with Matter and better battery life

Nuki smart locks
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Austrian smart lock brand, Nuki has just announced its fourth generation of smart locks. Improving on its impressive smart lock technology, Nuki has added Matter support to the Smart Lock 4.0 and the Smart Lock Pro 4.0, as well as a longer lasting battery life.

Nuki is a big name brand that’s become popular for its range of the best smart locks. It’s most well known for its collaborations with British company, Ultion, with the two having created the best smart lock on the market today, the 5-star Ultion Nuki Plus. Nuki is ever evolving with its technology, and its new fourth generation smart locks are more powerful and compatible than its predecessors.

The fourth generation Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro have been upgraded with new electronics and software to increase the average battery life by 30%. Both smart locks now have up to 6 months of battery life on a single charge, and the Smart Lock Pro comes equipped with Power Pack technology.

The most impressive and exciting feature of the new Nuki smart locks is they now support Matter. The new smart home standard is designed to make smart home tech easier to use and to connect to each other, regardless of the brand, model or type of smart device.

Nuki has added Matter support to its new smart locks to enable users to access their home quicker. Matter allows the Nuki smart locks to connect using the Wi-Fi via a Matter controller with Thread to provide a fast and robust network with a large range. Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, Matter allows you to connect and manage your smart home more seamlessly, which in turn, makes activating your Nuki smart lock much more convenient.

Someone using their smartphone to unlock the Nuki smart lock on a front door

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With the fourth generation Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro, no bridge or module is required, and integrating with Matter involves scanning a QR code. Both versions of the smart lock supports other smart home integrations, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit. Due to technical limitations, the previous generations of Nuki smart locks won’t be upgraded to support Matter.

Aside from Matter support and its improved battery life, the Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro looks identical to other Nuki products and comes with all the standard Nuki features. This includes the ability to control your door remotely, open your door automatically with Auto Lock and assign access permissions to visitors. The fourth generation locks are also compatible with other Nuki accessories, including the fobs, door sensors and keypads with fingerprint access.

The Nuki Smart Lock (4th generation) and Smart Lock Pro (4th generation) are available as Euro profile and Swiss round profile lock cylinders. The Smart Lock is the starter model which is priced at £149, or you can choose the Smart Lock Pro for £245 with the new Power Pack.

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