Nothing to see here! Nothing Phone (2) wont be released "anytime soon", says Pei

The ex-OnePlus founders' new outfit isn't about to start churning out yearly releases of their affordable Android phone

Nothing Phone 1 review
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As fans of tech products, we're used to fairly cyclical product release schedules. Generally speaking, major brands will update their phones every year, bringing something shiny and new to the table. Still, if there's one thing we wouldn't expect from Carl Pei – founder of the brand that brought you the Nothing Phone (1) – it's conforming to the norm.

And conform they do not. In a recent tweet, Pei confirmed that the next generation of the Nothing Phone wouldn't be released anytime soon. He said, "Phone (2) isn't launching anytime soon. We're focused on doing a few things well, and won't churn out dozens of products a year like many others."

It's hardly the most subtle dig. 

Pei went on to say, "Phone (1) is our main focus. We're cooking something really great in terms of software, Android 13 and beyond."

The Android 13 update for the Nothing Phone is in beta testing right now. Currently, that is a closed beta, opened only to select people. But, the beta will open up to anyone who signs up in mid-December, allowing Nothing Phone users to experience Android 13 for the first time.

In terms of the "and beyond" part of that statement, it looks like Nothing are getting set to release a handset in the USA. Pei was interviewed by CNBC recently, and confirmed that they have been in talks with some carriers in the USA about the potential for a future release there. Crucially, it doesn't sound like the Nothing Phone (1) is the product he was referring to, so that may be a little way off yet. 

Personally, I'm a massive fan of companies slowing down their release schedule to focus on the products they've already released, before unveiling new ones. I think this kind of schedule should make people trust in the brand more, as they know that their handset is still the top priority and isn't about to be rendered obsolete because a new one comes out. I also think it would make more people upgrade each time, as the releases should have a more substantial gulf between them. 

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