Nothing Phone (2) users just got another great free camera upgrade

It should make the popular Android phone and even more attractive option

Nothing Phone (2) review
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

While there are a lot of brands vying for your attention in the Android phone stakes, few have captured public imagination quite like Nothing. By fusing a fashionable minimalist aesthetic with decent specs, the brand have gained a loyal following.

Their most recent release was the Nothing Phone (2). That device took a step up from the original Nothing Phone (1), packing in better hardware and a redesigned operating system. The results are fabulous – as the five-star review it earned from our Tech Editor, Mike Lowe, attests.

And Nothing aren't done. After a software update brought some camera improvements earlier this month, the brand are back with another round of shot-snapping upgrades.

As part of Nothing OS 2.0.2a, users will see improved clarity when shooting faces in indoor settings. They've also made a change to the highlight levels in low light settings, which should improve night photography.

HDR capture also gets a range of updates. First, a new element on the user interface shows when HDR is active. They've then optimised the highlight exposure in that setting, which should make for better captures. They've also resolved an issue with some dull tones in the setting, which should improve the overall composition.

Last, but not least, they've fixed an issue with haloing in this setting. Some users found the issue when using Portrait mode in HDR, but that should now be a thing of the past.

It's a fantastic upgrade for users. While the camera wasn't bad out of the box, the fact that Nothing are continually pushing improvements to it is a great sign. Between this and the previous update, users are now working with a much more feature filled camera system. 

It's particularly impressive given the price point of the Phone (2). Starting from just £579, the handset is priced much more attractively than a lot of the competition on the market. For that price, getting a swathe of updates so soon after release is really impressive.

The Phone (2) isn't the only Nothing handset getting a boost, either. Next week, the Phone (1) will get an upgrade which brings the Nothing OS 2.0 software to those handsets. That's a substantial upgrade, which should offer a massive boost for those users.

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