Nothing Phone (2) users have already got a great free camera upgrade

The coolest Android phone on the block has already got a sweet update

Nothing Phone (2)
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The Nothing Phone (2) was only released last week, but already users are getting an upgrade. The device has received a sizable update which should improve the quality of the camera across a number of modes.

The Android phone has already garnered a lot of praise and attention. It earned a full five-stars when our reviewer got his hands on it, praising its performance and design.

So, what's new on the menu? Well, lots of things, mainly revolving around the camera. For starters, there's now 2x zoom in Portrait mode. Clarity has also been improved between 4x and 10x zoom, which should make images sharper no matter how far you are from the subject.

It's not just still images which see improvement. Video stabilisation has been bettered, as well as motion capture when shooting at 50MP. Elsewhere, shutter lag has been reduced and third-party apps should now enjoy a better camera experience, too.

It's not just the camera which is set to see the benefit. Other improvements are set to come for the battery and charging performance. That's especially true in extreme conditions. Other notable improvements have been made to the consistency of wireless charging, as well as the performance of face unlock and fingerprint recognition.

Last, but by no means least, the Glyph Composer app should also be live on the Play Store. This allows users to create custom ringtones and light shows using the Glyph on the back of the device. We saw this used with a sound pack created by Swedish House Mafia, before the device was officially launched.

It's a great upgrade. Forgetting the sheer volume of updated features for a second, the fact that the device has been improved less than a week after it launched is worthy of credit. Many potential users may not have even had a chance to purchase one yet, and already the offering is stronger than it was at launch.

In terms of what has been updated, users are getting a lot of great stuff. The changes to the camera alone are impressive – it was no slouch when it launched! Add in a host of improvements in other useful areas, and what launched as a great value handset now looks even more appealing. 

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