Nothing Phone (2) might have the coolest charger ever

You won't USB-elieve the cable on this bad boy

Nothing (2) USB-C cable
(Image credit: Carl Pei)

Nothing is a company that has always done things a little bit differently. Just look at the Nothing Phone (1) or Nothing Ear Stick, they don't resemble anything like their competitors. 

With the Nothing Phone (2) nearly here, company founder Carl Pei has made the wait just a little bit more maddening with a single tweet. USB-C cables are not normally considered design icons, but this one might just be. Pei's picture shows the cable as having two transparent ends, which matches the style of the company's other products. With the "Nothing" branding, in the signature font, on each end as well, you won't get this cable mixed up with your others. Hopefully, the adapter comes with a similar look. 

If Nothing really wanted to stand out, this new cable would use Thunderbolt 4 technology to offer ultra-fast charging, but that's probably overkill and this is likely just a cosmetic upgrade. The battery life of the second Nothing flagship has been promised to be much improved, so perhaps the charger has a few tricks in store. 

As for the phone itself, we expect a similarly standout look and perhaps an improved version of its signature 'Glyphs', the lights on the back of the phone. It might not have the latest silicon with a Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor confirmed, but provided it can mix style with substance, it still looks set to hopefully be one of the best Android phones on the market. We won't have to wait long with a 12th of July release date confirmed. 

But could there be another contender for the coolest USB-C coming soon? Apple is usually the master of design, and with the iPhone 15 moving to USB-C perhaps we could see them have a crack at something fresh. It's not something I ever imagined saying, but could we be in for an era of cable chic? 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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