Nokia N9 specs outed?

New leaks serve up details on forthcoming MeeGo phone

Is Nokia finally ready to take on the might of Android and Apple.

The Nokia N9 is one of this year's most hotly tipped handsets, expected to land at Mobile World Congress next week. But until now, all we've had to go in is a rather sharp spy shot and the knowledge that it'll come packing the all-new MeeGo OS.

But now eagle-eyed gadget lovers at appear to have laid their mitts on a spec sheet for a top-end MeeGo device, most likely the N9. Having rooted around in MeeGo sources files, they've got hold of some impressive stuff.

The new blower is said to pack a lightning fast 1.6GHz processor by Intel, 512MB of RAM, a 480x854 panel, NFC tech, HDMI out, 21Mbps HSPA+, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

MeeGo is a joint tie-up between Nokia and Intel, so that chipset looks like a dead cert for the N9. The rest of the spec sheet is a bit of a doozy too and suggests Espoo is about to fling itself firmly into contention with its burgeoning welter of rivals.

Via IntoMobile