No, there won't be a pink iPhone 13, but these new Apple cases will suit you instead

Images of possible new iPhone 13 silicon case colors surface

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If you didn’t already know by now, the Apple Event is tomorrow. Chief amongst a slew of expected new products – and a widely rumored 'second event' – is the iPhone 13

Alongside the new handsets, Apple looks set to launch an assortment of new silicone cases in at least eight different colors. Images have surfaced online appearing to show off the technicolor cases and there's something in there for everyone, no matter what your favorite color is. 

The images shared on Twitter not only claim to offer us a glimpse of the new color options for the upcoming silicone ‌iPhone 13‌ case lineup but show a range that is a touch brighter and livelier than the current crop of iPhone 12 silicone cases.

The first image is supposed to be a screenshot of the new cases, while the other depicts those cases in real life. All the cases are constructed in an identical way, sporting square camera bumps and in the same silicone material. 

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To be clear: these aren’t confirmed by Apple, so this could all be invalidated after tomorrow’s headline event. However, if the color scheme of the cases is correct, then you should be able to select from one of eight different colors. There is an off-white option, green, pink, yellow, red, two shades of a blue-type hue, and what looks like a graphite-colored option. Simply take your pick.

Apple certainly appears to be catering to everyone's tastes, covering most of the color palette. We always think cases can breathe new life into the best iPhone models, and it'll be an absolute essential should a hyper-premium 1TB version of Apple's flagship devices be unveiled tomorrow, as has been tipped in various reports. That's a device you certainly won't want to crack by accidentally dropping it.

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