iPhone 13 could arrive with a bumper 1TB storage option – here's why you'll want it

The more memory the merrier

iPhone 13 concept - smaller notch
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Scheduled to be unveiled in tomorrow's Apple event, the iPhone 13 could feature a 1TB storage option for its hyper-premium flagship models. If you're wondering if this is simply too much space for the average user, then it's a good question. 

While some of us will be only too happy to receive more built-in storage, such an envelope-pushing leap does come at a price, with a 1TB iPhone 13 option reportedly set to hit shelves upwards of $2,055, if reports are to be believed. That alone would make it 56% more costly than the older-gen iPhone 12 Pro Max, which was last year's most expensive model by some distance.

Memory is the order of the day and there's quite a bit to get stuck into. Trusted Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is set to drop the 64GB base option it has entirely, with a new 128GB base option predicted to replace it. And that's not all: Apple’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max could get a bumper 1TB built-in memory option – but to what benefit?

Well, it mainly comes down to video usage. HDR video enables our phones to ever more faithfully reproduce colors on our screens, resulting in more lifelike and generally better videos. All of this, though, comes at the cost of using more of your phone's in-built storage. Users of the best iPhone models with in-built 64GB storage will know only too well how cramped your phone begins to feel as the videos and photos begin to suck up memory. You can almost taste the iOS notification informing you that there's too little space to save that snap you just took.

Bumper memory option

Cranking the storage up to 1TB not only gives users ample breathing room to fill their Apple flagships with whatever high-quality video content they desire, but it's also about time, as well. Increasing storage always felt like the easiest hurdle to negotiate with the iPhone, amenable to sense and reason. The fact, then, that a herculean level of storage has evaded Apple users for so long will make it all the sweeter if it does indeed arrive with the iPhone 13, though there are also considerations that argue to the contrary

For most, though, 1TB of memory packed into your iPhone will give the feeling that the sky's the limit when it comes to stocking up on apps, games, videos, and photos. The main caveat here is the pricing; however, users who're opting for these flagship models are likely to be primed for a price hike, especially as last year's Pro and Pro Max devices were hardly chump change.

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