No need to wait for Amazon Prime Day to get this awesome Philips Hue deal

Save 34% on a bundle of three Philips Hue bulbs and a Hue Bridge

Philips Hue deal Amazon Prime Day

If you were patiently waiting for Amazon Prime Day to arrive so you could snap up some Philips Hue smart bulbs at a nice price, you no longer have to wait that long.

That's because Amazon has just cut the price of this E27 White and Colour Ambiance bulb triple pack with Hue Bridge bundle by a massive 34% bringing it down from £149.99 to £99, saving you £50.99. 

That's a fantastic price if you're looking to get started with smart lighting in your home. It's also a great deal if want to extend an existing set-up, as £99 for three bulbs alone is a real steal, so you could give the Bridge away or sell it on eBay and you've still got a great deal. In fact, £99 is the lowest price that we've ever seen this particular bundle go for on Amazon.

We think that Philips Hue makes the best smart bulbs, because they're easy to set up, easy to extend and can be controlled in a number of ways – via an app, an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit device, or with remote switches. And the bulbs in this bundle – the White and Colour Ambiance bulbs – are the best that Philips offers because they offer millions of colours as well as 50,000 shades of white light.

Note that this deal is for the E27 screw-in bulb set but we've also unearthed another deal for the B22 bayonet bulbs, which we've added below.

We don't know when these Hue deals will expire. Our guess is that it's part of Amazon's rather low key Bank Holiday sale so it may run until next Monday, but that is just a guess.

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance E27 bulbs x 3, plus Hue Bridge | Was £149.99 | Now £99 | Save £50.99
This is an awesome deal when you consider that individual White and Colour Ambiance bulbs are usually priced at around £50 each or £80 for a twin pack, so even if you only want the bulbs and you plan to give the Bridge away, you're still quids in with this deal. Note that these are E27 screw-in bulbs.View Deal

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance B22 bulbs x 3, plus Hue Bridge | Was £149.99 | Now £123.90 | Save £26.09
If you're after bayonet bulbs instead of screw-in bulbs then this is your best deal right now. It's not quite the bargain that the E27 set is but given that the lowest price this B22 set has ever been is £119.97 then the current price is a good one.View Deal

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