Nintendo Switch 2 could come with something Nvidia fans will love

Nintendo will reportedly continue its relationship with the chip manufacturer

Nintendo Switch OLED
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Reuters has reported that Nvidia is most likely to be making the chipset for the Nintendo Switch 2.

This comes from an inside source and isn't massively surprising considering the existing Switch models already run on a custom version of the Nvidia Tegra X1.

A lot has been said about Nintendo's next console in the last few months, but we suspect that's only the tip of the iceberg considering it's a very good bet that it'll be released later this year.

Nintendo Switch 2 (as it's being called prior to an official announcement) is all but confirmed, by developers and even the Japanese gaming giant itself, so the hype will only get louder as the months tick by.

The latest is about the chipset inside the forthcoming device – it is claimed that, like the current Nintendo Switch models – Nvidia will be manufacturer of the custom chip that will drive it.

A source told Reuters that it will "likely include a Nvidia custom design".

To be honest, that's not exactly a major revelation considering a version of the Tegra X1 is at the heart of the Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED already. But, it does lead us to a couple of interesting assumptions.

First, considering the Tegra and any possible replacement CPU is effectively a mobile solution, the Switch 2 will once again be portable (which complies with plenty of other leaks).

Second, we could be getting some of the graphical wizardry Nvidia is renowned for, including DLSS – the method of artificially rendering frames to increase frame rates without sacrificing resolution – plus ray tracing.

The former will be superb. Frame rates have largely been impressive throughout the lifespan of the Switch, but often when running at 720p. It is hoped that Switch 2 will be capable of higher than 1080p (up to 4K resolutions, even), yet still maintain 60fps.

Then there's the possibility of ray tracing, which has been reported in the past. The lighting tech is a literal game changer when it comes to visual impact, and considering it is making in-roads into mobile already (just look at the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra), we would love to see it on the next Nintendo console. Just imagine a 3D Mario with ray tracing. Yes please.

Hopefully, we'll find out more about the specs and internals of the forthcoming machine sooner than later. Be assured that we'll bring you everything we hear.

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