Nintendo NES Classic Mini consoles put back into production: set to hit stores in 2018

Missed out on the rare NES Classic Mini console? Well, you've now got a second chance to score one

After massive supply issues that saw the NES Classic Mini sell out way before Christmas last year, Nintendo has seemingly finally bowed to public demand and ordered for the miniature retro system to be put back into production.

According to a Tweet released by Nintendo Japan, new units of both the Japanese Famicom Mini and UK/North America NES Classic Mini are currently in production, with the systems hitting retailers in the summer of 2018.

Here is the Tweet in full:

This news will no doubt come as a welcome boon to those who both missed out on the NES Classic Mini first time out, as well as on the SNES Classic Mini, which while produced in larger numbers, has still sold out almost everywhere once more.

Whether or not the second tranche of NES Classic Minis leads to shops being full of the systems remains to be seen, as too whether it will retail for the same price, however, it surely helps those who are looking for a system potentially avoid the incredibly high resale prices that the original machines are currently being listed for online.

Via Pocket Lint

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