Nintendo confirms the Pokémon Go Plus wearable is delayed until September

Yes, we know it was meant to come out at the end of July. Sad face

Pokémon Go has done a pretty good job of taking over the world as of late, even with all those server issues that have caused many a crash and delay on its release in Japan. But it looks like us intrepid Poké Trainers will have to endure another hump - a delay on the release of the Pokémon Go Plus wearable.

For those not clued into the Pokémon hive mind, Pokémon Go Plus is a little gizmo that straps to your wrist and notifies you with vibrations whenever you and your smartphone stumble across a wild Pokémon. Nintendo and developer Niantic made sure lots of noise about the wearable when the super popular app was shown off earlier in the year, but the accessory has remained 'unavailable' on the official Nintendo Store.

Pokémon Go Plus was meant to arrive at the end of this month, but Nintendo has now confirmed it will arrive in September instead. Nintendo has given a particular reason for the delay, but it does seem a bit of risk considering there's no guarantee the Pokémon Go zeitgeist will still be as big as it was in more than a month's time.

Still, in the meantime there's always that Pokémon Go dating service that uses the walkabout app to bring like-minded singletons together in the name of romance. And collecting Pokémon, naturally.

Via: Kotaku UK

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