Nintendo 3DS UK price for retailers just £173

UK retailers set to make £50 profit per each 3DS sold

UK retailers push 3DS price up

Nintendo's upcoming glasses-free 3D portable games console the 3DS is to be purchased by UK retailers for just £173 per device before being sold on to customers for a £50 profit per unit.

Officially announced to touch down in Europe on March 25th with UK prices coming in at around the £230 mark, retailers are set to mark up the innovative 3D device by almost 33 per cent from what one supermarket rep reportedly described as a 'base price' of £173.

Available for pre-order from a number of retailers now, Nintendo has revealed that it plans to ship just under a million Nintendo 3DS console to European markets in time for launch day with the 10 launch day titles being added to in the following weeks to meet the 25 titles by June promise the gaming giant made at the device's European unveiling.

Despite much consumer and industry outcry about the 3DS's high UK price tag, Nintendo has defended its position with the company's UK Marketing Manager James Honeywell announcing: “We think that we can bring 3D to the mass market, to a wider audience, and really explode it out and that's why people will want it. Anyone that wants the latest and best experience will want the 3DS."

Honeywell added: : “We actually think that's actually a pretty good price. We think it's kind of affordable when you compare it with other 3D experiences.”

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Via: GamesRadar