Nikon UK orders shuttered by Brexit chaos, including the fabulous Nikon Z7 II

Nikon orders felled by Brexit red tape until further notice

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British customers are left in the lurch as Nikon temporarily bans UK orders due to Brexit furore. As the Japanese camera giant makes its position clear, it begs the question as to whether other technology giants will take cue, and outrightly abandon shipping until further notice. 

It's unsettling news for camera-lovers who prize Nikon as one of today's most reliable producers of digital camera technology. As the ramifications of Brexit become more visible across our day-to-day lives, it's a stark reminder of how much technology is produced overseas, and the fragility of those supply links in light of the UK's acrimonious split from the EU. 

The pandemic’s uncertainty has hit all sections of society, nowhere more than the embattled retail sector. Although the pandemic has somewhat obfuscated Brexit’s uncertainty, tinges of it are now being felt in some areas, including the tech sector.

Nikon has delivered a resounding blow to customers’ efforts to get hold of the newly released Nikon Z7 II. Those of you who saw our review of the Nikon Z6 will know that we’re big fans of Nikon’s craftsmanship, and it produced a fantastic all-rounder camera in the Nikon Z6.   

Unfortunately, Nikon's temporary shipping halt isn’t just reserved to new orders: existing orders still pending delivery to the UK, are also likely to be caught up in the bureaucratic battle between the UK and the European Union.

A statement on Nikon’s website reads: “If you have already placed an order with us, we are working hard to ensure your order arrives as soon as possible.” Another website update builds on this, saying: “Please note that, as we navigate the changes brought on by Brexit, we will temporarily not be taking any new orders.” 

It'll be particularly frustrating news if you've had a chance to read T3's best Nikon camera guide: should you have your sights firmly set on a Nikon, then look no further than our guide to the heritage brand's best photography apparatus. 

Beyond Nikon's statements, there’s very little in the way of more information. A ‘notify me when available’ button has usurped the normal place of adding an item to the cart, preventing customers from submitting an order for it to not be fulfilled. In the meantime, T3's best DSLR camera can help to fill the void left by this news, handpicking the best of the bunch from beginner to pro.

You probably don’t need a reminder of Brexit’s tumultuous journey: voting to leave the EU in 2016, and not finalized into an official departure, until 31 December 2020. Some have argued that the scramble to get a deal has eclipsed the finer details of how a post-Brexit trade landscape will actually function.

Nikon, it seems, has acknowledged this doubt by completely stopping all orders until there’s more clarity on trade. But to whom does this trade doubt impact? Well, Nikon has drawn a line until things are clearer; it’s uncertain if other companies will follow suit. Moving forward, T3 hopes it doesn't set a precedent, as we head into a jam-packed year for tech in 2021. 

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