News@8pm: iPhone 4S pics leak and 3D FA Cup Final

Plus: iPad 3 specs and Amazon Cloud crash

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It's been a tremendously busy day for speculation regarding Apple. Snaps of the iPhone 4S leaked today with the updated handset including an edge-to-edge glass design and bigger panel. If that wasn't enough, the much awaited white iPhone 4 launch has been confirmed for tomorrow so in just over 13 hours you be able to walk into your nearist stockist store and nab some brand new tech.


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In further Apple-tinged news, the man in charge of Football Manager has expressed his expectations that the iPad 3 will feature a whopping quadcore processor. Miles Jacobson also raised his concerns for the Android app market stating that Sports Interactive titles are unlikely to be available in such a 'fragmented' environment.

An embattled Amazon launched itself onto the front foot today citing the words of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as part of its defense against the “app store” trademark infringement store. The online-retailer also restored its cloud service to near-total functionality after a weekend's worth of disruption.

Finally in a stellar day for tech news, it was revealed YouTube are preparing to move into the movie streaming market and both Sky and ESPN will be broadcasting the FA Cup Final in glorious 3D. We'll get the beers in.