News@8pm: iOS 4 UK launch and dual touchscreen laptop

Plus: FaceTime free to use on iPhone 4 and gaming gripes

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Apple's iOS 4 update has gone live today. The new operating system for the Cupertino company's mobile devices is now available for free download and will bring multi-tasking capabilities to existing iPhone 3G and 3GS handsets and third gen iPod Touch devices. To ensure you know what's what with the new operating system, we bring you our handy rundown of iOS 4: The new features explained.

Gaming news continues despite E3 having wrapped up last week. The games industry has in fact become quite a bitchy industry today as the big three battle it out for supremacy. Whilst Microsoft has been claiming that the Xbox 360 Slim was designed before the PS3 Slim, Sony has been having its own one-upmanship as a Sony boss takes a petty swipe at the Nintendo 3DS. Away from the fueds, the chief of FIFA's console games has declared that the football title will not be appearing on Microsoft Kinect or PlayStation Move and we have news that the Xbox 720 is due to be launched at E3 2015. So, just five years to wait then.

iPhone 4 launches in just three days time and is continuing to make headlines ahead of hitting the shelves. Whilst it has been reported that using FaceTime on the iPhone 4 will not cost a penny, Apple has been disappointing wannabe iPhone 4 owners by cancelling a number pre-orders. Elsewhere on the iPhone Orange has released a Micro SIM converter and Microsoft has finally launched Windows Live Messenger as an iPhone app. About time we think.

Toshiba has announced a range of new products today. Most exciting of the new unveilings is the Toshiba Libretto W100 a dual touchscreen laptop that will have you drooling at the possibilities. Two other laptop announcements from Toshiba see the arrival of the Toshiba AC100 Android MID and a new lightweight laptop in the Toshiba R700 Portege.