News@8pm: iOS 4.3 updates and new Blackberry leaked

Plus: Apple iPad loses home button and HP rival iPad

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More rumours surrounding the much anticipated Apple iPad 2. According to somereports, the newApple tabletwill not feature the usual home button with the iOS 4.3 update, instead being replaced, possibly, with the multitouch capabilties which are already well known on Apple devices. Apple's iOS 4.3 has taken some more interesting steps today, as developers look to wet our apetite in reinforcing some speculation surrounding what features will actually be available on the newest version of iOS. Some of these features include the ability for the iPhone to convert its 3G connection into a personal wireless hotspot so you can enjoy additional online devices.

Nintendos 3DS designer, Shigeru Miyamoto wet our apetite today by giving hints that the 3DS will be able to support filming 3D video using its dual cameras. The dual screen, dual camera gaming device can already take 3D photos, but with the edition of 3D video, will this furtherhamper on battery life and performance? Sony announced today that it has filed a restraining order of the hackers who allegedly broke their coding on its previously impenetrable Sony PS3. Head hacker, George Hotz spoke out to the legal action saying is "doesn't have any basis". If found guilty, they face bans on hacking and distributing their software produced from their hacks.

Search engine giant, Google has released its newest app, Google Translate. Operating on Android phones, the app is designed to help you speak the lingo no matter what country you're in, by translating words by speaking into the handset and replies with your chosen language, sacrebleu! C'est fantastique, non? Music streaming wonder, Spotify is now available on Shazam iPhone and Android apps. The new play in Spotify feature will let you chuck the beats out from last nights impressive moves on the dancefloor. So far the app is only available to premium members in seven countries in Europe, including the UK, Sweden and Norway. But fear not owners of the free Shazam app, it will be available in Q1 for you to enjoy.

A new Blackberry has been leaked onto our screens in the form of the Blackberry Dakota. Makers, RIM,are rumoured tomarry together asignature Blackberry keyboard and a more modern touchscreen, measuring at 2.8 inches,so you can type and touch at your pleasure. In other rumour news, HP have hinted towards a possible release date for its iPad rival, as they are set to jump onto the band wagon along with every other man and hisportabletablet. The company bought mobile company, Palm last year. It was onlya matter of time before they put together Palms operating system know how and HP's computer knowledge to rival the bigdog AppleiPad.