News@8pm: Apple iPhone 4 gets video calling and HD video

Plus: Motorola Milestone XT720 and Nintendo 3DS

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Apple iPhone 4 is of course the big story of the day. Steve Jobs took to the stage at WWDC 2010 with his keynote speech to unveil the hugely anticipated Apple iPhone 4. 720p HD video recording, Retina display and a whole host of other features have been added to the iPhone upgrade, here is the iPhone 4's full spec.We gave you a live blog of the iPhone 4 announcement but that is not all, we have also brought you the ten things you need to know about the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4 launch in pictures and the best of the rest of the news from Jobs' WWDC Apple keynote speech.

Mobile phone announcements will undoubtedly be dwarfed today be the unveiling of the fourth generation iPhone, nevertheless, many companies have been at it including Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Whilst Nokia has unveiled the somewhat underwhelming social networking themed Nokia C3, due for release next week on June 18th, Motorola has showcased an exciting new handset, the HD video capable Motorola Milestone XT720. Although not officially announced, pictures of the Sony Ericsson Shakira have been going the rounds. More news on the SE Shakira will follow Whenever, Wherever…

Gaming rumours hot up ahead of E3 later this month. Last week we has the PSP-4000 and its sliding front-screen, today we received word that the Nintendo 3DS console is to pack as much power as the PS3. We are not sure how true this is as it would effectively eclipse the Wii, but glasses-less 3D gaming is still an attractive thought. Elsewhere gaming fans got an exciting prelude to Sony's PS3 Move peripheral as the motion-sensor device received its own website hinting at an imminent arrival.

Festival season fast approaches us and today we got a peak at the festival accessory of the fute, or this year if you are heading to Glastonbury. The Orange Power Wellies produce electricity from your warm feet to charge your mobile in an eco-friendly thermal tech breakthrough. If you are indeed heading off to a festival this summer, what better tech companion to take than a HD camcorder such as the full HD Canon HF M31 camcorder which we have reviewed today.