News@8pm: 3DS UK launch, white iPhone 4

Plus: Samsung reveal MWC surprise

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Nintendo 3DS UK launch: After a long and much anticipated wait, that the 3DS will be available in the UK from March 25th with gamers having a choice of 25 3D games such as Mario Kart, Nintendogs and PES 2011 3D. Meanwhile, Android have decided to dip their toes into the pool of gaming by announcing an interactive gaming console called 'GameBox'. Pairing up with Envizions, Android will head up the 'user-friendly cloud-based storage system'.


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Intel Windows 8 bomb: Intel has hinted at putting Windows 8 into smartphones by insisting that their lowest-powered processors are capable being integrated onto a phone. CEO of Intel Paul Otellini described such a feat as “an upside opportunity”. Meanwhile, currently in the world of mobile phones, Samsung have announced that February 13th and MWC will see something big from the makers of the Galaxy S with the latest additions being dual-core.

The white iPhone 4 is on it's way according to Vodafone Germany and Best Buy after an accidental unveiling revealed that the long awaited edition is available from February 27th. Sticking with Apple for a moment, stand-in chief of the California-based revolutionaries Tim Cook has dismissed the threat of Android tablets labelling them as 'vapor'.

Two tablet models from HP/Palm will be launched this year with an official announcement on their webOS models expected on February 9th. Both the codenamed items, 7-inch 'Opal' and 9-inch 'Topaz', will be button-less after leaked photos revealed their look. However, new tablets could spell the end of netbooks or at least Acer's after the Taiwan-based company revealed plans to phase netbooks out in exchange for tablets.