New Seiko Prospex Solar chronograph is based on the original Pogue

The Seiko Pogue is a cult classic – and now a modern interpretation is available!

The Seiko Prospex Pogue Solar Chronograph
(Image credit: Seiko)
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Seiko has unveiled its latest watch – and it's a modern interpretation of one of their most sought after.

The Seiko Prospex Pogue Solar Chronograph celebrates the first automatic chronograph worn in space.

There are levels to this watch enthusiasm lark. The base level involves buying your first timepiece and thinking, "hey, this is pretty neat."

After that, it's probably the stage where you're looking at watch rolls and watch winders, trying desperately to convince yourself that it's not a just a want, it's a need. It's okay, we've all been there.

At very end, though? Well that's probably when you look at a red, blue and yellow Seiko from the 1970s and go all gooey of heart. Your eyes fall into a soft focus and The Power of Love plays on your mental jukebox. You're gone – smitten and fully fledged as a watch connoisseur of remarkable – some would say, questionable – tastes.

As a die hard member of that last group, I absolutely adore the Pogue. And because I love the Pogue, you'd better believe my response to Seiko's latest watch was just as emphatic.

Dubbed the Seiko Prospex ‘Pogue’ Solar Chronograph 1969 Re-Interpretation, this delightful chronograph is made to honour the original worn in the 70's by Colonel William Pogue. That model became a cult classic, as the first automatic chronograph to travel in space.

It is a slightly different design to the original, too. That had just a single sub dial for the chronograph, whereas the modern interpretation uses the standard trio of solar charging dials.

It also looks set to have a much better bracelet. While the original is popular – and can command obscene prices on the used market – its bracelet left something to be desired. Here, a much more robust looking three link design should offer more resilience in use.

One of the best bits about this design is that it has mass appeal. Because sure, all of us Pogue-lovers will be crowding the sales registers on day one on account of its history. But it's also a great pick for anyone who just fancies a colourful chronograph from a respected brand.

Priced at just £600, this is certain to be a smash hit. There's no word of this being a limited edition model, either, meaning everyone who wants one should be able to get one on their wrist.

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