New Samsung Galaxy S9 has dual cameras, a flat 6.3-inch screen... and it's faster, too

Samsung's new Galaxy looks to be taking cues from the Note 8 and S9+

New Samsung S9
(Image credit: SamMobile)

A new Samsung Galaxy phone is incoming. It offers a new, flat-screen design with a super-sized 6.3-inch screen, an overclocked processor, and a new dual camera system perhaps taken from the S9+.

The phone, model number SM-G8850, is an upgraded China-specific Samsung Galaxy S9, which was first spotted on China's Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center (TENAA) a few weeks back.

And while it had been reported that the new S9 would feature a new flat design, overclocked Exynos 9810 octa-core processor (2.8 GHz), and come installed with dual 12MP rear cameras (the regular S9 only has one), its size had remained unconfirmed, but assumed to be 5.8 inches.

Now, as reported by authoritative Samsung leakster Ice Universe on Twitter, its true size has been revealed, and it is larger than anyone expected.

That's larger than the screen on the Galaxy S9+ and the same size as the screen on the Note 8. (The Note 9 is rumoured to be getting a 6.4-inch screen.)

Ice Universe has a long history of accurately calling Samsung product details, and this would mean that this new Galaxy smartphone will deliver what is essentially an S9 Plus on steroids – with a bigger, flat screen instead of a curved one, as well as a slightly faster CPU.

This upgraded Galaxy S9 arguably comes at the right time for Samsung, with the competition from Huawei's P20 and P20 Pro handsets, as well as the incoming 2018 iPhone X range of phones, needing to be addressed for it to remain competitive at the top end of the market.

What this means for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 9 handset, which the Korean maker appears to have big confidence in, as well as next year's Galaxy S10 in China remains to be seen.

Lead image credit: SamMobile

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