New Roku Streambar offers the ultimate 2-in-1 upgrade for your TV

Roku's new device is an affordable way up to up the entertainment ante in your home

Roku Streambar
(Image credit: Roku)

The Roku Streambar is a brand new device that's a two-in-one upgrade for your TV, bringing 4K HDR streaming and a cinematic sound to your living room in a compact device that seamlessly blends into your entertainment setup.

Launching next month, the gadget packs powerful audio with the Roku streaming features you love for an inexpensive way to upgrade your living room, and has a ton of added functionality to round out the experience. 

Roku Streambar

(Image credit: Roku)

The Roku Streambar houses a total of four 1.9” full range drivers; two center drivers provide "crisp, clean" audio geared towards making dialogue easier to hear, while the angled side drivers " fill the room with sound." 

Roku explains that its audio engineering enables the Streambar to put out sound "well beyond its size while increasing speech clarity and adding intricate depth to music."

Additional audio features include four sounds modes (normal, reduce bass, bass boost, bass off) , and if you're watching live TV, it also turns down the sound on those annoyingly loud commercials, seamlessly managing the auditory transition so it's not as jarring as it might otherwise be. 

As well as on-demand TV and movies with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer, Roku Streambar is kitted out with Bluetooth so you can stream music straight from your mobile device. Spotify Connect is also supported, meaning you can stream your favorite tunes using Wi-Fi.

The Roku Streambar's host of features will be rounded out later this year with the addition of Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. 

You can pick it up for $129/ £129 when it launches at the end of October in the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico.

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