New report says the Samsung Galaxy S23 is getting a serious RAM upgrade

New leaks say that Samsung RAM rumours were wrong: it's getting something much more interesting

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus render front-side view
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With only a few weeks before the official launch we thought we'd seen all the Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks, but apparently not: a brand new leak contradicts previous rumours that claimed the S23 would be sticking with the same memory tech as its predecessors. That's good news for would-be S23 buyers, because it means a pretty important upgrade.

According to the usually reliable tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 series won't get the previously reported LPDDR5 memory. Instead, it's getting LPDDR5X alongside UFS 4.0 storage. 

That X turns out to be rather important.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S23's memory is X rated

LPDDR5X memory is something you'll find in the very best phones. It supports data transfers up to 33% faster than the non-X version, and when you factor in the speed boost from UFS 4.0 storage – it's twice as fast as UFC 3.1 – you're looking at a serious speed bump.

And of course, there's a new processor here too: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Taken together, those changes in the Samsung Galaxy S23 specs should deliver a noticeable speed boost not just inside apps, but in everyday things such as booting the phone, launching or switching between apps, using camera effects and playing games.

Other leaks suggest that in the US at least the price of the Galaxy S23 range will be the same as the Galaxy S22; it's unclear whether that'll be the same in other territories as the US dollar is still very strong against other currencies. Hopefully we'll find out before the official launch on February 1.

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