Pure’s new speaker wants to send you to sleep

The new Pure Moment isn't just a DAB+ clock radio: it's a "sleep companion" to help you chill

Pure Moment in Cotton White
(Image credit: Pure)
Quick Summary

Pure's new Moment is a DAB+/FM clock radio with extra sleep powers including multiple customisable alarms, 20+ soothing sounds and a sunrise light. Expect to pay £109.

Pure's new speaker will send you to sleep – and that's entirely deliberate. The audio brand known for its DAB radios has created what it calls an "ambient sleep companion", the Pure Moment. 

The Pure Moment looks like a clock radio, and that's one of the things it is. It's also a Bluetooth 5.3 speaker, and its radio features include both DAB+ and FM. But it's the sleep and relaxation stuff that makes this stand out. 

To the best of my knowledge this is the first audio device whose marketing offers ASMR as a selling point. ASMR, if you're not familiar with it, is the genre of soothing sounds most famously delivered by whispering young women on YouTube. There are no whispering young women here but the Pure Moment promises to soothe you with sound.

What exactly does a sleep companion do?

The Pure Moment is more than an alarm clock. It's also a nightlight and a sunrise alarm clock, gently brightening your room so you wake up without the panic and swearing that our alarm clock usually delivers. And with a total 5W of audio power it's not so loud it'll scare you silly either.

There are ten customisable alarms and there's a backup battery to ensure that power cuts or accidental unplugging don't interrupt your timers. 

As for the ASMR, the Moment offers a range of over 20 "soothing natural sounds" including white noise to help you relax and drown out the sounds of the outside world. 

As we've come to expect from Pure radios it's a cute-looking thing with a bit of a retro touch to the design. And Pure's DAB products are regularly featured in our guide to the best DAB radios; their Siesta Charge clock radio is currently in our top three. The Pure Moment doesn't have its wireless charging for your phone, but then again the Siesta Charge doesn't have the ambient noise features and customisable alarms that mean you don't need to bring your phone into the bedroom.

The Pure Moment is available to order now in either Cotton White or Coffee Black. The RRP is £109.99.

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