New PS5 and DualShock 5 video concept released after THOSE PlayStation 5 dev kit images landed

A new PlayStation 5 concept has hit the net as buzz around the console reaches fever pitch

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Last week, the reappearance of the PS5's development kit broke headlines. With its weird grey car-battery aesthetic and distinctive "V" shape, it looked very unusual – and exactly as predicted according to all the leaks we'd seen so far. But although the dev kits contain all the innards of the console, it's not necessarily how the PS5 will look under your Christmas tree next year. 

With speculation rife as to the eventual look of the PS5, digital renderer Concept Creator has designed a 360-degree look of the next-gen PlayStation, as well as its controller, the upcoming DualShock 5. Check it out below:

One of the most interesting aspects of Concept Creator's design is the DualShock 5. Swapping the touchpad for a touch screen, the DualShock 5 has been shown in the leaked photographs to have a wider, flatter touchpad than its predecessor that could provide the perfect fit for a screen. Rather like a larger-scaled Nintendo DS, the secondary screen could be used to show in-game information previously used in a heads-up display, or detail background tasks that the PS5 is running. 

What Concept Creator hasn't included is the Share button, which is surprising considering user-generated content is set to be big for the PS5.

DualShock 4

(Image credit: Sony)

Concept Creator says "I tried to implement a sleeker design while retaining the more cooling this design would have for a more powerful console." Perhaps that's why the PS5 dev kit looks so bulky and unwieldy: with such a powerful console, reportedly running huge banks of memory on solid state drives, an advanced cooling mechanism could be necessary in order to keep the PS5 running next-gen games that would test even the PS5's brute force processing power.

Whether the console is likely to be as quiet as a mouse or as noisy as a PS2 in its twilight years, the design looks sleek and sophisticated while retaining the rough, ribbed look of the dev kit. Gone is the dramatic "V" shape, opting for a less drastic tapering to the back of the console.

It's an exciting design, and we'd be happy if the console ended up looking like this. We'll know more for certain once the PS5 has been officially announced, which some pundits are predicting could be as early as next month. 

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