New Nothing Phone (2a) software update is all about that camera

The quirky Android phone is about to get a whole lot better when it comes to shot-snapping

Nothing Phone (2a) review
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Quick Summary

The Nothing Phone (2a) just got a decent software upgrade.

The Nothing OS 2.5.4 update brings a wealth of features, most notably improvements to the camera performance.

When it comes to Android phones with personality, you'll want to take a look at Nothing. The brand – founded by ex-OnePlus man, Carl Pei – fuses fashion and function to create a range of really brilliant devices.

That includes their new flagship Nothing Phone (2), but also extends down to more affordable handsets like the Nothing Phone (2a). When that handset was released recently, it took the market by storm, offering a sleek design and decent features for a really attainable price.

Now, that handset is getting even better. In the latest Nothing OS update, users are getting a range of software boosts, most notably affecting the camera performance.

As part of NothingOS 2.5.4, the camera gets three main changes. First, there is an enhancement to the overall camera performance. While that's very vague statement, it certainly sounds like a positive step.

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say that the improvements are likely made to the automated processes. That could see better decision making for things like autofocus points and exposure settings, making it easier for non-photographers to capture great shots.

Then, there's also an improved Portrait Mode. Again, further details are scant, though we can likely expect a little more in terms of subject separation or background bokeh.

Last, but by no means least, the saturation and tone of the camera has been enhanced. That should add a little more vividness to imagery, which should create a more pleasing end product. 

It's not just the camera which sees improvement, either. The brand have made a host of smaller ease-of-use upgrades in other areas, which should better the overall experience.

For example, the use of certain charging adapters now has optimised compatibility. Plus, the stability of Bluetooth connections has been improved, along with increased compatibility there, too. That's rounded off with a host of bug fixes.

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