New iPhone X could have no ports at all but still fast charge, wirelessly

Goodbye Lightning port and hello lighting fast wireless charging

iPhone X

Apple's new iPhone X for 2018 could ditch ports and cables entirely but still offer fast charging thanks to the new wireless AirPower charging tech.

The latest iPhone leak to churn out of the rumour mill comes from Bloomberg, which claims AirPower is the future coming soon. This, according to insider sources, has been the subject of a lot of attention for Apple engineers who have been working to perfect the wireless charging system for high-speed charging. Overheating has been an issue which has apparently held up release. As such Apple has been recommending third-party wireless chargers for its iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The current AirPower from Apple has been shown off as a wireless charging plate that can juice up three items at once – so the iPhone, Watch and EarPods then. But it is yet to be released in all its high-speed glory.

What separates this from the competition, apart from multiple devices fast charging, is the OS. Yup, this comes with its own brain running a very basic version of iOS which is able to manage the power delivery to each device intelligently, sources claim.

Apple engineers hope to launch the AirPower charger by June but the aim now seems to be for September. That could mean we see this appear alongside the new iPhone X models for 2018 – perhaps without ports at all for a true wireless smartphone.

Luke Edwards

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