The new iPad is very yellow – do you love or loathe Apple’s new colour?

I've been using the yellow-finish iPad for a few days, but what do you make of the new colour?

Apple iPad 10th Gen (2022) in yellow finish
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

Just the other week Apple announced its new iPad, now in its 10th generation, and I was pleasantly surprised at the reveal, as it features a much-needed redesign that people have been calling for for ages

It's the original iPad finally brought up to date so it can compete as one of the best iPad models and, indeed, one of the best tablets that money can buy. It comes with not only a screen size increase (10.9-inch) over the outgoing 9th Gen iPad (10.2-inch), but a price increase too.

But the new iPad also features new colour options, which is the crux of this very article. I've been sent the arguably more controversial one of the lot for my forthcoming iPad review: yes, as you can see from my picture above and throughout this article, this particular new iPad is very yellow.

That's because with the 10th generation iPad Apple has gone 'all colourful'. That's even what the promotional copy on the official Apple iPad page leads with. There's also a pink, a blue, and a silver option available.

I like that Apple has been bold with its new palette choices. All the new iPad colour options are undoubtedly much more vibrant than the most recent subdued hues seen on the iPhone 14 range (although I do love the subtle purple option available there; kind of a shame there's no entry-level iPad to match – you can buy an iPad Air to match though).

Thing is, this hue of yellow isn't, y'know, banana yellow. It's not really gold either. It's this kind of melting pot of colours that I'm sure is going to divide people's opinions on the new iPad shade. There's definitely some green in the mix, giving the final colour an off-yellow yellow, which I'm sure you can see from my pictures.

That Apple also sells a Magic Keyboard Folio that's very white for the new iPad range seems somewhat counterintuitive. Because if you're investing in a bold yellow, blue or pink iPad then surely it's because you want it to be seen, not hidden behind a non-colour?

The new Apple iPad 10th Gen is on sale now, priced at £499/$449/AUD$749. The price is the same whichever colour option you buy, but would you really go spend a monkey on an iPad that's (sorta) yellow – especially when the iPad Air now isn't much pricier at all?

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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