Official-looking Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 renders show thinner bezels and more

Leaked press images show the next-gen Galaxy Watch in all its glory

Galaxy Watch 6 leaked images
(Image credit: WinFuture)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is nearly here, and a new set of seemingly official renders have given us plenty to ogle.

For starters, the latest iteration of Samsung's best smartwatch appears to have thinner bezels, which mean that there's room for a larger display without making the watch so big it looks like you've strapped a dinner plate to your wrist.

They also show the Galaxy Watch 6 in its three different colours – black, beige and grey – and with views of the front, back and side. Plus, if you look closely at the bands, they appear to use a quick-switch mechanism for easier closing. In fact, they look rather like the snap-and-swap bands Google made for Android Wear about seven years ago.

What do the renders tell us about the Galaxy Watch 6?

The leaks come via WinFuture and appear to be promo images for retailers.

They reveal that will be two versions, the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. That latter wearable will bring back the rotating bezel – hurrah! – and looks very like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Its bezels are thinner, though, and it'll be bigger: reportedly 43mm and 47mm compared to 42 and 46mm. It's expected to come in black or silver.

Bezels aside, there's not a lot more that's different about the Galaxy Watch 6 design. It looks pretty much identical to its predecessors, with a flat sapphire panel to protect the display, two control buttons and lugs for the straps. The Watch 6 will also have a slightly larger display, which reports say will be 1.31 inches or 1.47 inches if you opt for the larger model, and a larger battery too. Despite this, the dimensions are said to be the same, at 40mm and 44mm respectively.

One thing the renders don't tell us is what chip is inside. The expectation is that there will be a new, faster version of Samsung's Exynos W930, but thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out - the Galaxy Watch 6 launch is expected to be in July. 

Hopefully, we'll find out pricing before then too. The current model, the Galaxy Watch 5, starts at £269/ $279.99 /AU$ 499, with the cellular version costing £319/ $329.99 /AU$599. The larger Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm) costs £289/ $299/ AU$ 549 and comes in at £339/ $349/ AU$649 for the LTE/cellular edition.

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