New compact Nikon Z5 cameras leaked ahead of official reveal

Entry-level full-frame and mirrorless cameras just gained certification

New compact Nikon Z5 cameras leaked ahead of official reveal
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It looks like Nikon is getting ready to announce a pair of new cameras, if the latest rumours and news from a Russian certification body are to be believed.

First let’s look at the entry-level, full-frame snapper. This is expected to be called the Nikon Z5, and will be positioned below the Z6 (pictured above) and Z7 in Nikon’s product portfolio.

Little is known about this camera so far, but it is understood to lack an electronic viewfinder, and have a fixed display that can’t be tilted or flipped around. An FX lens mount is expected.

The other model due imminently from Nikon will likely be called the Z30, with an APS-C body and a position in Nikon’s catalogue just below the Z50. As with the Z5, this is expected to be an entry-level camera.

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Tipped to be a compact DX camera with a sensor size of 24 or 26 megapixels, the Z30 is unlikely to have an electronic viewfinder, and will have a fixed screen and single microSD card slot.

Speaking about both upcoming cameras, website Nikon Rumors states: “It is highly possible that Nikon will announce both the Z5 and Z30 at the same time, but I cannot confirm that. I do not have a specific time frame yet but my guess is that we will see the new Z5 and Z30 cameras in the next three months.”

Corroborating this news is confirmation that a pair of new and as-yet unannounced Nikon cameras recently passed through a Russian certification body, similar to the FCC in the US, where smartphones are often spied before going on sale.

In this case, the Japanese Twitter account of Nokishita spotted new Nikon models referred to as N1929 and N1932, which are believed to be the Z5 and Z30 respectively. The account said: “Nikon's unannounced digital cameras N1929 and N1932 have been registered with overseas certification bodies.”

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