Never overpack again with the new Carl Friedrik 72-Hour backpack

Carl Friedrik launches 72-Hour backpack for multi-day travel

A close up of the Carl Friedrik 72-Hour backpack
(Image credit: Carl Friedrik)

Contemporary travel brand Carl Friedrik has just launched the new 72-Hour Backpack, a bag with enough space and organisation for up to three days on the go. For both over and under packers, the 72-Hour Backpack looks to solve all these problems, and in a stylish and luxurious way.

Carl Friedrik has become well known for its range of travel essentials, including the best backpacks and the best suitcases. Having tried and tested the brand for myself, I can attest that Carl Friedrik creates premium bags, luggage and accessories, made from high quality materials and tailored for organisation.

The newest release from Carl Friedrik is the 72-Hour Backpack, that’s designed for multi-day travel. As stated by Mattis Oppermann, co-founder of Carl Friedrik, the 72-Hour Backpack is “a hybrid design that looks to solve a few all-too-well-known issues with modern travel bags. It promises seamless, hands-free backpack travel, but has a capacity and packing experience closer to that of a carry-on suitcase”.

Regardless of where you’re going or how long you’re staying, it’s incredibly easy to under or overpack. Personally, I always seem to overpack even if I’m only going away for a few days. This results in me having to lug around a huge wheeled suitcase full of clothes and shoes that I didn’t need. I’ve started to faze this out and instead have turned to my Carl Friedrik Day-to-Day Backpack which I’ve been using for a few months now.

But, while the Day-to-Day Backpack is an attractive and practical bag which can easily carry around my work laptop and other essentials without breaking a sweat, it can only just about fit what I need for a night away. So, the 72-Hour Backpack from Carl Friedrik has definitely piqued my interest for long weekends.

The 72-Hour Backpack is meant to enhance the packing process and maximise space. Known for its organisational storage and compartments, Carl Friedrik has pulled out all the stops with the 72-Hour Backpack so travellers can benefit from a “suitcase-style experience but with a hands-free advantage of backpack travel.”

Carl Friedrik 72-Hour backpack

(Image credit: Carl Friedrik)

Inside the 72-Hour Backpack are eight pockets and compartments for neatly organising and packing for your trips away. The business compartment can store a 16-inch laptop while its other storage solutions include a side pocket for easy access to your wallet or phone. Other interior and exterior pockets come in varying sizes and have multiple zips for extra protection and security.

Made of silky smooth nubuck leather, the 72-Hour Backpack is stylishly designed with stitched panel detailing that mimics the aesthetics of Carl Friedrik’s hard-shell luggage range. While the 72-Hour Backpack is designed for three day business or leisure getaways, it can be used alongside other suitcases. The back of the bag has an integrated holder which can seamlessly slot onto the handle of any Carl Friedrik suitcase, making it perfect to use as carry-on luggage.

The Carl Friedrik 72-Hour Backpack is £495 and available to buy in charcoal or chocolate colourways.

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