Never mind the leaks: this official video shows the Pixel Watch in all its beauty

Google's official video shows off Gorilla Glass protection, great-looking faces and a clever twist

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Google clearly can't wait to tell us everything about the Pixel Watch: with the launch still several days away (it's happening on 6 October), it's already announced the Pixel Watch price and colour options – and now there's an official video showing the wearable in all its glory. If you were already thinking of getting Google's new watch, the video's likely to convince you. It looks fantastic.

I was a little unsure about the relatively muted colours of the Pixel Watch, but seeing it here has reassured me: it doesn't have the overly plasticky appearance of some cheap smartwatches, it doesn't have a big orange button like the Apple Watch Ultra and it looks pretty tasty. Those sober colours aren't going to clash with whatever you're wearing, which is something I think some firms forget about: as much as I love my Product (RED) and Pride Apple Watch bands, they don't really work with more formal outfits. 

The Google Pixel Watch has an interesting twist

While the video does a good job of showing the various faces of the watch – I particularly like the one with nested, off-centre dials – the most interesting bit for me is that it shows the twist-lock mechanism for attaching watch bands to the Pixel. Swapping out Apple Watch bands is pretty fiddly and sometimes downright annoying, but what Google's come up with looks much simpler and more elegant. 

One thing the video doesn't tell us is what's inside, but we've already got a pretty good idea of that: it's likely to have a Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset, which is getting on a bit since it powered the original Samsung Galaxy Watch back in 2018.

I really like the look of this watch, especially the face design: one of the things that bugs me about my Apple Watch Series 7 is that many of the faces seem to put form over function, making me choose between pretty but pretty useless or functional but fairly crowded. Google's designs are very different from those, and from the ones Samsung offers too. And I'd imagine there are plenty more where they came from, so I'll be watching the October event with great interest.

Carrie Marshall

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