Netflix rolling out "much requested feature" in new update

Cracking down on password sharing? Or helping subscribers to get over a break up?

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Netflix has announced that a new update is now rolling out to subscribers that will allow users to transfer a profile between different accounts.

The "much requested feature" will let users keep their personalised recommendations, viewing history, saved games and anything added to My List, once a new membership is started. Additional undisclosed settings will be transferred too. Netflix notes that whether you are moving to a different location, leaving home for the first time or even ending a relationship, your streaming experience can now stay the same. 

It's also likely a move so Netflix can clampdown down further on password sharing between friends and family. The company began running a trial in several countries earlier this year that would result in a surcharge being added to an account if breached. 

An example of where to find Profile Transfer on PC can be found below:

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"Today, we’re launching Profile Transfer, a feature that lets people using your account transfer a profile — keeping the personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings — when they start their own membership," said Netflix product manager Timi Kosztin (via a blog post).

"No matter what’s going on, let your Netflix profile be a constant in a life full of changes so you can sit back, relax and continue watching right from where you left off."

The new feature can be found in the dropdown menu on the homepage. By hovering over your profile icon, the "Transfer Profile" option should appear and then from there, you can just follow the instructions on how to complete the process. An email will be sent once the feature is made active for your account.

More recently, Netflix announced details of its new ad-based tier including a release date and price. Within this, it was also confirmed that Netflix will upgrade its cheapest plan with a free streaming quality update, something that's been long overdue. 

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