Netflix drops trailer for must-watch action comedy – I'm already sold

This looks like a serious hit, man

Hit Man
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One of the best movies of last year was The Killer, a Netflix exclusive about a professional assassin from a visionary director (David Fincher) with plenty of black comedy. It looks like I might have deja vu because Netflix just dropped the trailer for a movie about a professional assassin from a renowned director, and I'm excited all over again. 

The new trailer for Richard Linklater's Hit Man has me begging for it to be the 7th of June already when the movie arrives on the streaming service. The film stars Glen Powell (who you'll know from Top Gun Maverick and Anyone But You) as a man who works with the police pretending to be a trained killer. Amazingly it's all based on a true story.

In the trailer we see Powell assume a number of different disguises to live up to people's expectations of what a hitman is, changing his look, accent and even his teeth. Do you want a tough-looking gangster type? Or perhaps an introverted creepy outcasr. Gary (as Powell's character is called) sees it as offering clients a fantasy, convincing them to confess before the authorities move in. But then things get tricky.


Netflix released the trailer for Hit Man and it looks like a must-watch. After a limited theatrical release it will hit the platform on the 7th of June.

Gary meets a new client (Adria Arjona) and the two instantly hit it off. The only problem? He's using a false identity and she wants to get rid of her husband. Classic romcom fare. Honestly, it's an ingenious twist. 

So why am I looking forward to it so much? Well, it helps that  Linklater is one of the greatest directors alive, responsible for the likes of Boyhood, Dazed and Confused and Before Sunrise. But also we already know it's great. Reviews from various film festivals last year were positively glowing and the movie boasts an astonishing 96% on Rotten Tomatoes

Part romcom, part thriller, there should be plenty here for everyone to enjoy. Netflix has been on quite the run lately with originals, both Ripley and Baby Reindeer were released this April, and are both must-watches. 

Andy Sansom
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