Netflix's new drama is the most beautiful TV show I've ever seen

Easy on the eye

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When it comes to film and television, you could have the most brilliant story ever told, but if it looks like it was filmed on a 2000's era brick phone then you may as well just have written a book. 

But the new Netflix series I'm currently hooked on that doesn't have that problem. Ripley combines Patricia Highsmith's fantastic source material with an aesthetic, cinematography and set design that is flat-out stunning. In fact, I think it's the best-looking TV show I've ever seen, surpassing even another series on the streaming service The Good Place. Of course, it helps when your story takes place in Italy. Dickie's house in Atrani on the Amalfi Coast is absolute escapism. I'm about to head to Italy myself and even in black and white my mouth is already watering. 

Leading the cast is an actor who seems to finally be getting his moment. Andrew Scott was phenomenal in All of Us Strangers and now similarly sings in Ripley as the title character. Tom Ripley is a chameleon of a man who doesn't really have a sense of self, almost imprinting on others around him, and Scott is more than up to the task of such a complex character. 

The series follows the plot of the book pretty closely, and that's wise because it's one of the best novels of the 20th century. If you're not aware of the story, I'll fill you in. Tom Ripley (Scott) is a petty criminal living in New York (presented in a gritty noir style) who is sent to Italy to find the son of a wealthy family, Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn), and bring him home. With Dickie living an idealistic life of leisure with friend Marge (Dakota Fanning), Tom becomes obsessed with his new friend, and things soon get out of hand. 

As I said, Scott's performance is incredible and so is the supporting cast,  but the real star is the cinematography. Director Steve Zallian has created something remarkable. He has a phenomenal track record too, having written both Schindler's List (perhaps a source of visual inspiration) and The Irishman. Currently sitting at No.3 in the most watched shows on Netflix, I'd be shocked if it doesn't reach the top spot soon. 

Andy Sansom
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