Nanoleaf's brilliant smart lights just got a big Boxing Day discount

Nanoleaf's offering some generous discounts across its entire smart lighting range

Nanoleaf Lines Squared smart lights
(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

If you've been hankering after Nanoleaf's excellent decorative smart lights but balked a little at the price, the firm's Boxing Day sale will be a festive treat. The firm is offering significant discounts across its entire range, enabling you to get a simple or complex setup for a lot less. 

I really like Nanoleaf's smart lighting. Although I've invested in a lot of Hue lighting over the years and currently have a set of Hue Festavia lights twinkling away on my Christmas tree, I love the creative possibilities Nanoleaf's shapes and lines offer.

Here's what you can save.

Nanoleaf Boxing Day deals

First up, there's the Nanoleaf Lines. They're down from £179.99 to £143.99 for a pack of nine, and down from £269.99 to £215.99 for fifteen.

Nanoleaf Shapes are down too. A four-pack of triangles is down from £89.99 to £71.99, a nine-pack down to £143.99 from £179.99, and a fifteen-pack is now down from £269.99 to £215.99.

There are similar deals on the Hexagons too. A five-pack is now £95.99 (previously £119.99), and a fifteen-pack is down to £215.99 from £269.99.

You can save on Nanoleaf Elements too: a seven-pack is £149.99, down from £199.99, and a 13-pack is £246.99 – a big discount on the usual price of £329.99.

Last but not least, there's the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip starter pack, which gives you 2m of LEDs to put behind the TV or monitor. That's down from £44.99 to just £26.99.

You can find out more and get your discounts online at

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