Nanoleaf 4D uses wizardry to give any TV Ambilight-style lighting

Rear lighting effects reflect what's happening on screen

Nanoleaf 4D lighting on a smart TV
(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

Philips TVs have long had a unique feature that is much-loved by viewers - Ambilight. It uses rear-mounted LEDs that change colour depending on the action on screen, thereby expanding the viewing experience to the wall behind.

Now smart lighting company Nanoleaf has devised a way to add a similar effect to all the best TVs out there, regardless of the manufacturer. You can also add a similar effect to a gaming monitor.

Nanoleaf 4D uses an LED lightstrip which you place behind your TV or display, which communicates with a "screen mirror" camera that you mount on top or below. This latter element is the important part as there are plenty of lightstrips out there that will shine colours onto the wall behind - not many (if any) will actually ape the colours of the film or TV show you're watching.

Nanoleaf 4D lighting on a gaming monitor

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

The camera points at the screen, rather than the viewer. This enables it to see the video, assess it in real-time and send the information to the lightstrip behind. This then ensures that the right colour information is being repeated to extend the image rather than just highlight it - much like an Ambilight TV.

Nanoleaf also goes one better in that its system syncs with its multiple other smart lighting solutions. You can link all of your Nanoleaf lights to the 4D setup using its proprietary Sync+ technology. That includes the Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines ranges.

Nanoleaf 4D lighting strips behind the TV

(Image credit: Nanoleaf)

The system offers four different modes in total, with varying degrees of immersion, plus app, voice and manual control so you can set the tone even if your TV or monitor is switched off. The lightstrip is also trimmable, so it should be fine with different set sizes.

A smart remap feature means that the lighting effects will adjust automatically to the new length, and there are more than 16 million colours that it can display, including subtle gradiations.

Three packs will be available in all - one for TVs and monitors up to 65-inches, another for sets up to 85-inches, and a third that includes just the screen mirror camera. This can then be used with existing Nanoleaf wall lighting if you don't want the lightstrip.

Full kit prices start at £89.99 and pre-orders will open on 27 June 2023.

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