Mystery OnePlus Watch revealed in online listing could rival the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE for affordability

The OnePlus Watch 2R could be a more affordable version of one of our favourite Android-friendly watches

OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue
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New regulatory filings show a OnePlus watch that appears to be the OnePlus Watch 2R. That suggests it could be OnePlus's rival to the affordable Samsung Galaxy Watch FE.

The mystery of the new OnePlus Watch may soon be a lot less mysterious: a new OnePlus Watch model has been logged in the US FCC's certification website, which is something that usually happens just before a new product launch. And while such entries don't usually provide much detail, this particular filing offers one big and interesting hint: this watch could be an affordable rival to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE.

This isn't the first time we've seen a mysterious entry for a OnePlus watch. As we reported a few days ago, a new wearable from the firm has been spotted in a filing for the Chinese TENAA certification process and in Indian certification too. That sparked suggestions that the watch was the OnePlus Watch 3, but a new report from 91mobiles suggests otherwise: the new filing is for the OnePlus Watch 2R. That name suggests it's going to be an affordable variant of the current model rather than a new premium one.

OnePlus Watch 2R: what we know so far

The US FCC listings do include some basic renders that gives come clues: they show a circular watch rather like the OnePlus Watch 2 and detail some of the specifications. 

The battery size in the filing is 500mAh, the same as for the OnePlus Watch 2; there's dual-band Wi-Fi as well as the obligatory Bluetooth; the watch has NFC and GPS; and it contains a heart rate monitor sensor. Other filings indicate that the OnePlus Watch 2R may have 10W charging and up to 100 hours of battery life.

We really rate the OnePlus Watch 2, so if a more affordable variant is coming that could be good news for would-be watch buyers: the current model has excellent battery life, all the features you might want and a pretty nifty design too. The most recent Nordic Blue version is £329 and the Radiant Steel and Black Steel versions are £299. If OnePlus can bring out a version with a price closer to that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE, which has a recommended retail price of £199, it could have a hit on its hands and on your wrist.

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