A new, unannounced OnePlus Watch appears online – coming so soon?

OnePlus is reportedly working on a follow-up to the OnePlus Watch 2 already

The OnePlus Watch 2 on multiple wrists
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OnePlus has certified a new watch in China, and it looks like the OnePlus Watch 3. 

There's a grainy look at its design, but no indication of when it might arrive. 

OnePlus might have a new smartwatch to introduce sooner rather than later, according to new reports. 

A new device has been spotted passing through the Chinese TENAA Certification process, and MySmartPrice reports that this is most likely the OnePlus Watch 3. It doesn't come completely out of the blue, given that a similar report did the rounds earlier this month when the smartwatch passed Indian certification

Unlike the Indian system, though, the Chinese listing includes a render image which removes any possible doubt that OnePlus is behind the certification. It shows a grainy view of the new smartwatch. 

OnePlus Watch (new)

(Image credit: TENAA)

Though that image isn't the clearest, you can see easily enough that the watch will have a circular dial, like its two predecessors, and that there will be two buttons on one side of that dial for controls. 

Beyond that, there's not a huge amount to glean on the design side of things, but the certification has a few other details to offer up. For one thing, it confirms that the OnePlus Watch 3 will be able to use LTE for connectivity, which is no surprise, with eSIM compatibility. 

The rest of its connectivity suite will be rounded out by Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, GLONASS, and WLAN - a series of features that you'd pretty much expect on a flagship smartwatch at this stage. Still, they'll ensure that audio playback, payments and navigation should all work nicely.

According to the listing, the watch will come with a 500mAh, which is the same as the OnePlus Watch 2, although one never knows if the newer model will get more from its battery thanks to a more efficient chipset or other internal upgrades. It'll be chargeable at up to 10W, which presumably won't make for the quickest charging times you've ever seen. 

All of this sounds pretty interesting, although it's a little surprising to see more details of an upcoming watch given that the OnePlus Watch 2 is so fresh - it only arrived in the last few months, and you can read our hands-on thoughts here.

To be certifying a new watch normally means it's pretty imminent, so we're really curious to learn when OnePlus actually intends to unveil its third main smartwatch. Whether it's really soon or further down the line will remain to be seen. 

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